Slovin Chiropractic Center in Norwalk CT Addresses Aches And Pa

  • Professional Chiropractic Care for Auto Accident Related Pain

    Norwalk, CT - February 1, 2019 - Slovin Chiropractic Center in Norwalk addresses aches and pain stemming from automobile accidents. Led by Dr. Erik and Dr. Brenda Slovin, the clinic is committed to treating aches and pains for accident sufferers. This includes therapeutic massages, along with manual adjustments and rehabilitative exercises for some patients.

    While whiplash is the most common injury associated with car accidents, bodily pains and aches can last for weeks and months after the incident. In fact, neck stiffness, limited mobility and radiating pain in the muscles, nerves, ligaments and tendons are common. Similarly, joint pain can severely restrict mobility, while back injuries can see herniated and bulging disc problems. You need natural, holistic care to remedy and resolve car accident related injuries.

    Based on the severity of your injuries, the Slovins will determine the right path to recovery. This may include wearing neck or back braces, while receiving rehabilitative therapies, massages and manual or machine-assisted adjustments. Each treatment is designed to tackle aches and pain, while healing the injuries from within and externally.

    As always, the Slovins help patients avoid harmful and addictive pain medications and relievers. Similarly, they can treat injuries without costly and/or unneeded surgical procedures. With natural chiropractic techniques, car accident pain sufferers can reduce inflammation in all affected areas. Similarly, these non-invasive treatments reduce scar tissue, while restoring range of motion and avoiding long-term pain.

    If looking for pain relief without the use of drugs, the Slovin Chiropractic Center is the place to be. In fact, chiropractic care helps improve your chances of making successful accident-based claims. The Slovins can help you recover, while ensuring you receive timely and effective medical care for all types of back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and other issues.

    Simply contact Dr. Erik and Dr. Brenda Slovin for a complimentary pain analysis and assessment.

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