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    4G module, also called 4G communication module or 4G DTU module, is really a products with 4G interaction function in IOT marketplace. By means of 4G module, we will realize knowledge transmission of industrial devices to handheld remote control middle by way of wireless 4G network, and facts conversation of industrial machines from manage center remotely via 4G module. Thus, we can easily realize the centralized administration and checking of business gear through the wi-fi 4G community. The 4G module can drastically decrease the functioning labor value.

    4G Module

    The working basic principle of 4G module

    In recent years, the Web of Items (IoT) field has designed rapidly, and a variety of IoT modules have already been utilized to various industries in place of human labor. So how does the 4G module get the job done, we will analyze how the 4G module tower stone works. 4G module is based mostly within the 4G community to communicate, 4G module refers to guidance TD-LTE and FDD-LTE and various LTE community regular collectively. It's got the characteristics of quickly conversation pace, large network spectrum and flexible conversation. Hangzhou Tashi IoT 4G module within the components will be integrated in a very PCB little board of RF, baseband, to complete the wireless reception, transmission, baseband signal processing functions. Application from the 4GLTE network transmission, the lower modbus information transmission to the server side, aid heartbeat packet, registration packet function. And can assistance software package assistance voice dialing, SMS sending and receiving, dial-up networking as well as other functions.

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    Options of 4GDTU module

    TAS-LTE-363, the 4GDTU module of Tashi IOT, has 4G all-network function and adopts substantial gain antenna, the signal receiving and sending is stable to be certain stable communication.

    Support many protocols, TCP/UDP/MQTT/HTTP and also other protocols transmission.

    Using 4GLTECAT-1 technological innovation with lower electric power use and better cost overall performance.

    With sheet metal housing, ESD anti-surge, power supply anti-reverse connection function.

    TAS-LTE-363 has a double watchdog, in the program watchdog and components watchdog, to be sure that the gadget can do the job properly.

    With heartbeat packet, registration packet, guidance for automatic reconnection of system disconnection.

    Support active query of the lower product, can set 10 custom instructions

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    Applicable eventualities

    Well suited for shared massage chairs, shared charging equipment, unmanned vending machines, vehicle devices, device monitoring, device transmission IoT and various industries .

    4GDTU has faster interaction pace when compared with NB-IOT DTU to generate up with the slow conversation fee of NB network tools. 4GDTU and WIFIDTU are also contrasted with each individual other, WIFI is predominantly used for indoor with WIFI network and stable community, 4GDTU is distinct and may be used for outdoor mountainous regions, scenic spots, river banks and several other eventualities. It might supply many different remote knowledge upload attributes.

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