Must-read! Top 10 things to read...

  • 1. Check passport validity and visa

    Many travel destinations require that the passport validity period of passengers must be at least 6 months, which means that if you depart on January 1, 2017, your passport validity period cannot be earlier than July 1, 2017.

    In addition, Hong Kong residents holding a Hong Kong Special 旅遊保險 Region passport can travel to 156 countries and regions without visas. General tourist hotspots, such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore do not require a visa, but to Canada, Australia, the United States, Cambodia and other countries, you must apply for a visa.

    2. purchase checked baggage when booking air tickets

    Hong Kong Express, peach Airlines, Air Asia, Tiger Air and other low-cost airlines often launch some very attractive air tickets, but the reason behind the cheapness is that they do not include The fee for checked baggage will only be accompanied by a limited weight of carry-on baggage. If people forget to purchase the registration limit when booking a flight ticket, the price of purchasing the registration limit on the spot will be considerable.

    3. The barcode of the checked luggage should be torn away

    Earlier, Hong Kong singer Hacken Lee spit on Facebook that the airline lost his luggage, but in fact he also has to bear part of the responsibility because there are too many barcodes in his luggage. The airport baggage system relies on these barcodes to distribute the baggage to the correct conveyor belt and transport it to the correct flight. If the barcode of the used baggage is not torn off, it is possible that the baggage will be delivered to the wrong flight.

    4. The rules of hand luggage must be followed

    Hand luggage is not allowed to carry each piece of liquid or gel-like articles exceeding 100ml, and the total capacity shall not exceed one liter. In addition, the containers for these liquid or gel-like products must be packed in a sealable transparent plastic bag, and each passenger is only allowed to bring one plastic bag.

    5. purchase travel insurance before departure

    The so-called accident is "unexpected". If you want to travel to have fun and rest assured, it is indispensable to purchase a travel insurance to protect yourself. There are various types of travel insurance on the market. High premiums do not mean high compensation, and low premiums do not mean less coverage. Therefore, you must compare different travel insurance products according to your needs.

    6. Notify family members before going abroad

    Before leaving the country, inform your family so that they cannot contact you in time, thinking that you are missing in a tourist trap. In addition, family members should also provide information such as round-trip dates, flight numbers, itineraries, hotels, etc., and keep in touch with family members at all times during the journey.

    7. Bring your own commonly used drugs

    There are many things that I can’t predict when I go out. I’m most afraid of being dizzy when I travel. Not only will I delay my trip, but I will also be in a bad mood. Seeing a doctor abroad may be a little troublesome, the biggest problem is language. In view of this, carrying some commonly used medicines such as motion sickness medicine, cold medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, pain medicine, trauma medicine, eye drops, etc. is the best way to solve the emergency. Read the must-read travel list! Travel first aid kit pack your travel first aid kit.

    8. Carry a photocopy of your personal data with you

    If you lose your passport, you don't need to worry too much. It takes some time and procedures to process. In order to expedite the process of renewal, please bring a photocopy of your personal information, including passport, identity certificate and passport photo.

    9. please reserve space for return luggage when packing.

    Although it is only a few days' trip, there are fragments of cosmetics, skin care products, jewelry, clothes, etc. Will unconsciously make a full suitcase quickly diarrhea. In fact, as long as there is a good storage technique, no matter how many things can be put in the suitcase. If you are going to travel, read Skyscanner's selection of "15 Super Space-saving Luggage packing and Storage Tips" to ensure that you will not "explode"!

    10. Check local weather

    Remember to check the local weather before departure, because the weather in the southern hemisphere is the opposite of the weather in Hong Kong, which means that when Hong Kong is in summer, Sydney is in winter.