How to prevent electricity safety issues

  • Improve insulation performance and design safety

    Improve insulation performance

    The better the insulation, the lower the leakage current and the lower the voltage to ground. If the electrical enclosure is completely made of insulating materials (including commonly used knobs, etc.),電機工程 it can avoid contact with the human body and metal, which is more conducive to personal safety. For household appliances such as transformers, if there is a "live" phenomenon, the easiest way is to replace the power plug in the two-pole direction.

    However, this method is not suitable for household appliances including heating wires and motors. Use insulators to increase insulation. For example, people can stand on dry wooden racks or boards, so that people and the earth have good heat insulation.

    When using electric irons and other electrical appliances, even if the shell leaks, due to the high insulation resistance of people and ground, the current flowing through the human body is very small (not more than 1mA), which will not cause electric shock accidents.

    Improve design safety

    Install thermal fuse

    In order to prevent the electric heater from overheating, a thermal cut-off power supply can be installed. The electric heater uses a thermostat to control the temperature. When the temperature rise exceeds the limit, the fuse will melt and cut off the power supply. It is suitable for the range of 80℃~230℃. In addition, you can also use a bimetallic thermostat, whose temperature control is properly adjusted to prevent overheating and overheating of the electric heater.

    Application of leakage protection device

    Apply leakage protection device to ensure the safety of household appliances. This has been confirmed by the practice of low-voltage distribution networks at home and abroad.

    According to actual needs, branch leakage protectors for electrical equipment and total leakage protectors for residential lines can be installed to achieve multiple protection or hierarchical protection.

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