How to eat enzymes correctly?

  • If supplementing enzymes did not pay attention to some small details, it may be eaten for nothing. Both Liu Chunjun and Chen Yaokuan remind the public to understand the properties of enzymes first, otherwise the enzymes may completely fail. Since enzymes are proteins, they are afraid of heat, strong acids, strong alkalis, and light. Therefore, cool or warm water must be used when supplementing enzymes. Enzyme dosage forms on the market include lozenges, powders, capsules and liquid enzymes. Tablets and capsules should be consumed with water. 酵素推介For powder, it is usually recommended to mix it with cold boiled water, while the liquid enzyme can be drunk directly or with a little cold water. If it is an enzyme to help digestion, it can be taken with food; if it is an enzyme to cleanse the intestines and improve constipation, it is usually taken on an empty stomach. people with stomach pain should not eat on an empty stomach. It is recommended to supplement between meals.

    Digestive enzymes that help digestion can be replenished every day, but if you want to help control body weight lipolytic enzymes or fruit enzymes that help defecation, it is not advisable to supplement them every day. It is recommended that lipolytic enzymes should only be supplemented occasionally when there is a big meal plan. If they are supplemented daily, the large amount of short-chain fat that is too late to be digested may get stuck in the intestinal wall and cause habitual diarrhea, and may cause all kinds of fat-soluble vitamins to be excreted. The fat-soluble vitamin deficiency may also be caused by organs sensing that there is a large amount of fat waiting to be digested. The brain gives instructions to make the liver secrete more bile, and the gallbladder also doubles its work to release bile from the biliary tract. As a result, the liver functions easily. Failure, secondly, excessive work on the gallbladder can easily lead to gallstones. Excessive supplementation of fruit enzymes can also cause chronic diarrhea, and the bowel function of the colon and rectum is also affected, so it is best to supplement it 1 to 2 times a week.

    Things to pay attention to when choosing and storing enzymes

    Enzymes are easy to deteriorate, so you should pay attention to the packaging before purchasing. For example, liquid enzymes are not light-resistant. The bottles are best to be filled in dark bottles, and the enzymes of the tablets should also be wrapped in packages with good light barrier properties.

    You should also pay attention to the preservation of enzymes after buying them. For example, lozenges and liquid enzymes should be stored in the refrigerator after opening to avoid deterioration, but powder and capsule enzymes should not be iced in the refrigerator, otherwise they will easily become damp. In a cool and dry place, eat as soon as possible after opening.

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