Choose physical merchants to reduce investment costs

  • Consumers usually encounter love because they believe that the real doll photos of their family members are on the Internet platform, and the dolls they receive after payment are low-end "power bank" dolls. 吹氣娃娃Because the seller may use the original silicone, tpe doll photos to attract consumers, so that consumers expect to buy a real doll at a low price.

    This type of fraud often occurs on online platforms without sellers. It is recommended that you buy from a trusted and reputable online seller, or go to a physical store to actually touch the doll, or even the world of two people arrives in the doll Delivery service is provided at times, this service requires consumers to go to the store to pick up the goods again.

    A space to collect real dolls at home.

    The height of real dolls ranges from 65 cm to 172 cm. For dolls close to life size, the standard size is about 145 cm.

    In terms of doll education up to 145 cm, the size is close to a real person. You need to think about the storage space and choose a suitable doll. Generally speaking, whether it is a silicone doll, tpe dolls need to be collected, lying or sitting posture, will require a certain amount of space to collect. For example: lift the bed, under the bed, wide enough wardrobe, etc.

    If employees purchase a standing kit (add a stand-up fulcrum on the bottom of the doll's feet), let the doll be stored in a standing posture behind the curtain, which can be passed through to reduce space requirements.

    Choose the body shape and weight of the doll

    Whether it is a silicone doll or a tpe doll, the mold produced is usually fixed, so you can't customize any size of chest height at will. The dolls of each brand are originally produced with a specific student's height to match a specific breast tumor size. Generally speaking, the taller the doll is, the heavier the weight is. Take the 145 cm as an example, the weight is about 26 kg. Of course, there are also some lightweight designs that will be lighter than dolls of the same height. For example: Sheyu and Chunshuitang dolls.

    So you can choose the head you like in the first step, and choose the body you like from the dolls of the same brand in the second step. Use the selected head to match the body you like, and customize the doll you want.

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