Wheeler Chiropractic Clinic Provides Auto Injury Case Consultat

  • Dr. Wheeler provides initial consultations for auto injury sufferers at no cost.

    Spring, TX - April 10, 2018 - Dr. Nolan Wheeler, D.C. and his team at Wheeler Chiropractic Clinic want prospective patients to know that they provide no-cost consultations for those seeking care after an auto accident.

    People often underestimate the extent of their injuries after a car accident, especially if the vehicle sustains only minimal damage. However, even a fender-bender can cause considerable pain and injuries. Chiropractic care effectively alleviates pain and restores flexibility and range of motion, allowing patients to return to their pre-accident level of functioning.

    New patients who have been in a collision can make an appointment for a free consultation. At this initial visit, Dr. Wheeler will seek to learn as much as possible about the nature of the injury, how it occurred and how the patient has been affected. This allows him to determine what tools of chiropractic care to implement for last results.

    Dr. Wheeler can then outline a care plan to accelerate recovery. He and his staff at Wheeler Chiropractic Clinic provide full spinal adjusting using a variety of techniques, such as the Thompson Drop and activator methods. Other modalities, such as heat or ice therapy, trigger-point therapy and low back decompression may also be provided to augment the benefits of adjustments. Muscle therapy (also called TENS) relieves pain and swelling. Since physical therapy is an important component of care, Dr. Wheeler usually recommends therapeutic exercises and stretches that patients can do at home between appointments. Strengthening the body reduces the risk of injury and illness in the first place. Patient education helps them take an active role in maintaining wellness.

    For more information about auto injury consultations and services provided by Wheeler Chiropractic Clinic, visit http://www.springtexaschiro.com/. Those who have questions about this press release can reach the clinic through its website or use the following contact information:

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