Brilliance of Ethics and Morals| Low cost Umrah Packages

  • Spiritual excellence brings out brilliance of morals in human beings. Muhammad (PBUH) was assigned as a Prophet for a same purpose. At various moments he was wronged but remaining firm in his was only choice he had. He choose his Ummah over anything, where the world turned back on him, he stayed calm and sincere with his responsibility.  The time was not in his favor neither his own relatives, everybody blamed him for being a liar. Some his close friends knew that he never lied and was always honest with his words and actions but that sudden claim against the morals of society was shocking. Time healed everything because it has been best friend to every truthful person.


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    Now we do have teachings and lessons learned from an amazing life of Prophet (PBUH) but now it needs to be acted upon. Talking and advising has been done a lot but it’s time to implement and execute some real knowledge we have about the life of Prophet (PBUH).  Society needs the brilliance of ethics and morals in human beings, and one should start it from spiritual activities. Remembrance of Allah more often, charity, be nice and be sincere. Embrace the challenges of life by keeping patience and trust on Allah.


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