The Opportunity Advantages of Web Conferencing to use in Traini

  • Pharmaceutical companies typically hold between 3 and 4 meetings for field personnel a year to update sales and marketing strategies, bring new services to advertise, re-certify personnel on compliance and regulatory practices, and potentially to roll-out new hardware or software for sales team productivity. These meetings typically coincide together with the quarters of either the calendar or fiscal year. Sometimes these meetings are undertaken in small groups over the course of few weeks with a few key training teams going to the numerous sites to roll out training initiatives and deliver live presentations. Occasionally, rather than numerous small meetings, the complete field sales force, marketing team and in-house part of the sales organization is brought together at one location. With medium and larger companies, this could mean hundreds, even thousands of employees at the single meeting. It is not necessarily challenging to picture the costs of travel, lodging, and training facilities for meetings of this size. Also, how much time lost in transit back and forth from the meeting might be anywhere from several hours for an entire day.

    Often at face-to-face meetings and trainings corporate direction places a stronger increased exposure of cookie-cutter presentations, re-certifications, examinations, and corporate long term planning. There is often a great deal content incorporated into large, on-site meetings that minimal from it is really impactful. By making use of online collaboration and training applications, companies could eliminate some of their costly travel and training expenses, allow their training staff to improve allocate their time and efforts, maximize the time spent in one on one meetings with a lot more impactful content, and deliver convenient and timely ongoing training on their field personnel. Also, throughout the path of the entire year, smaller groups of workers are routinely brought to central training locations like company headquarters or regional offices. These smaller meetings, often with very focused or 'refresher' content, could be easily held online. The same benefits apply using the potential, in such cases, of field sales personnel only having to have a percentage of per day out of their territory.


    In addition to face-to-face trainings that may be complemented or substituted for web conference trainings, pharmaceutical employees take part in asynchronous trainings frequently when launching new releases, learning new indications for existing products, or completing training on updates for CRM software among others topics. Often these sorts of trainings are completed well before travel-to meetings, with big or small groups, to help you develop a foundation of knowledge about the topic before employees are brought together for additional training and certification testing. These asynchronous trainings might be made considerably more impactful by making use of an interactive, web-based solution.