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    Different places have different food cultures and habits, and different countries have different eating habits. For breakfast, the Chinese prefer soy milk bars and congee dishes, while the British eat sandwiches almost 365 days a year. Apart from breakfast, Brits can eat sandwiches for three meals a day. If you ask an Englishman why you don't get tired of eating sandwiches every day? He will proudly tell you: we have hundreds of sandwiches, so how can we get tired of eating them?

    For an Englishman, they love sandwiches in the same way that we love rice and noodles in this country. There's always a sandwich on the table! In fact, the sandwiches that the British eat in our country can be traced back to the popular roadside snacks like meat loaf, hand cakes and pancakes of fruit which are similar to sandwiches in some ways. It's just that the ingredients are different. But the secret to the sandwich's "versatility" is that it is "toasted in iron, decorated in water".

    大家樂會員APPSandwiches have a long history

    I don't know if you know where the sandwich came from. Sandwiches have a long history as a British staple! Back in the mid-18th century, an English earl was addicted to gambling. Once he sat down at the gambling table, nothing could stop him, so he had to ask his servants to bring three meals to the table for him to eat while he gambled. On one occasion, the servant brought two loaves of bread and cold cooked meat. To save time, the Count put the meat in one piece of bread and found it tasted good. This became known as the 'sandwich meal' because of the name of the place where the Count lived at the time.

    super sandwich 早餐The British, who have always developed a focus on the cultural etiquette of the student table, ate three meals at a time when knives and forks were standard in some Western cuisine, and the simple, straightforward and brutal 'new way' of eating a sandwich in the hand caught everyone's eye, and soon began to catch on in our local economy. From the first to follow the example of upper class society, to the spread of working class management, the sandwich satisfied the British curiosity and the quest for 'laziness'. Because of the low cost and ease of sandwich making, it was easy and quick to put meat in when you could and vegetables in when you couldn't work. It is particularly time-saving to eat on the go, with two slices of toast given to you and whatever you want to eat sandwiched between the toast. This is why the sandwich has become a "national favourite" in the UK. Then, as we all know, sandwiches are popular in other countries around the world, and China is no exception.

    Why are sandwiches so popular in China?

    super sandwich 早餐It can be said that it is unlikely that sandwiches, such as "foreign" food, will become popular in China. This is because, according to dietary habits, the Chinese prefer rice and noodles, which have been ingrained in the marrow of their diet for thousands of years. However, as living conditions have improved and diets have diversified. Sandwiches are becoming the Chinese breakfast of the world. The reason for this is because the netizens think: everyone is lazy!

    Rather than saying that everyone is getting lazy, the advent of the internet-smart era has equipped us with the prerequisites to become lazy. Life is stressful and fast-paced, and many people don't have the free time or the mood to prepare a hearty breakfast in the kitchen. Roadside breakfast joints and roadside stalls can feel unhealthy. Taking a few minutes to make sandwiches at home is a great alternative. It's a great way to meet the convenience of having breakfast on time every day, while still ensuring adequate nutritional intake. After all, sandwiches are a 'versatile' food, a 'zero-fail' food, so to speak. It's easy to handle for those who don't know how to cook.

    And if you don't know how to make a sandwich, that's okay, because I'm going to show you how to make your family's favourite sandwich at home. It's easy, not even that hard!

    You like your sandwiches cold, so you can prepare slices of toasted bread and your favourite cooked food in advance and serve them on bread with toppings. But if you like your sandwiches hot, you'll need a handy sandwich maker. At first, the Haus sandwich maker is exquisitely compact, doesn't take up much space and is quite high-faced - in short, one of those sandwich makers that is instantly likeable.

    People are generally interested in the structure of the sandwiches they usually buy in bakeries, which are cut into triangles. The toast you can make yourself at home is basically a whole piece that needs them to be cut in half with a knife. However, the design of the baking tray of the Hershey sandwich maker I use is so clever that after the cover time a sandwich model is divided in half directly at a 45 degree angle. The finished sandwich becomes developed in two straight away.

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    Easy, tasty and gym-ready breakfasts... I'll take sandwiches! 早餐我們不要再吃包子了,推薦學生營養教育健康的三明治