Hong Kong movies, TVB TV and RTHK songs have a great influence

  •  Kowloon, Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui, Causeway Bay and other place names have long been known; full of authentic Hong Kong flavors of stalls, tea restaurants, congee and noodle shops, bacon stores, dessert stores, let us salivate; cosmetics, bags, watches, various sports brands, etc.. We can always find something to satisfy ourselves by shopping in Hong Kong. The different system and culture attract us to visit Hong Kong.

    With the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, we have another way to go to Hong Kong is one more. Going to Hong Kong is actually quite simple. Completely different can be arranged through their own work, unnecessary with the group. Next I will give you them to talk about going to Hong Kong issues need to be prepared and pay attention to matters.

    Matters that need to be prepared before going to Hong Kong

    A, documents: mainland visitors to Hong Kong, you must apply for a Hong Kong and Macao Permit and visa receipt.

    Hong Kong and Macao Permit for: need to take the ID card and hukou book to the household registration of the entry and exit information management research center for application for. For the first time, students need to bring some relevant work documents in person, and cannot solve the problem of entrusting others to do it for them. After the process is completed, you also have to actively apply for a China Hong Kong endorsement once.

    Endorsement: If you already have a Two-way Permit, you must renew it before you travel to Hong Kong. To renew, just bring your two-way permit to the immigration control center, you can handle it at the self-service machine (open 24 hours), Alipay and WeChat can pay (can be agent).

    2. cell phone card: our mainland cell phone to Hong Kong, there is no signal. We can apply for mobile or Unicom roaming packages, but the price is more expensive. Three-day traffic package costs 68 yuan, traffic + voice needs 88 yuan. Recommend to buy a Hong Kong cell phone card on a certain treasure. The price is very cheap. Four days for only 26.8 yuan, including 1000MB of 4G traffic and 100 minutes of calls per day. 3G network is unlimited and you can make domestic calls. When you arrive in Hong Kong, you can use the cell phone card. We recommend everyone to buy one.


    Mobile Roaming Packages

    A certain treasure of mobile card package

    Third, Octopus card: in Hong Kong students take the city subway, bus, Star Ferry, Ding Ding car and other transportation management tools development are not able to support corporate cash for payment, can only use Octopus card, and is one person through a card. We need to design in advance to buy in a treasure, adult card (12-64 years old): 150 yuan, including 100 Hong Kong dollars + 50 yuan deposit; children's card (3-11 years old): 75 yuan, including 20 Hong Kong dollars + 50 Hong Kong dollars as a deposit; elderly card (65 years old with more than): 68, including 20 Hong Kong dollars + 50 Hong Kong dollars deposit. The Octopus card can also be used at various community convenience stores in Hong Kong society as well as at various traditional convenience stores offering top-ups at any time if the money inside the bank card is gone. Before leaving Hong Kong, China, the card can be returned at various MTR stations or other ports of entry, and the research balance and deposit issues inside the card can be refunded in a timely manner.

    HKD: In Hong Kong, most stores support Alipay, WeChat and credit card payments.

    How to book hotels in Hong Kong

    All major applications can be booked, such as Ctrip, Flying Pig, Where to go, booking, etc. We can choose the right hotel according to our itinerary and financial situation. If you are visiting Hong Kong on a national holiday or during the peak season, it is best to book online a few weeks in advance. For Hong Kong during the Spring Festival, book a month and a half in advance, it is cheap and has special rooms.

    How to get to Hong Kong

    First, high-speed rail may drive to Shenzhen, and then enter the border from the Luohu Port, Futian Port, Huanggang Port and other ports.

    High-speed rail or drive to Zhuhai, then from the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, take a shuttle bus, direct to Hong Kong.

    Third, direct flight to Hong Kong.

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