Cambridge Mask Co.: Providing Quality Air Pollution Smog Masks

  • Air pollution is one of the major environmental concerns. Carbon monoxide emissions from factories, the ever-increasing number of cars on the road, as well as the prevalence of coal burning to produce electricity have all added to this concern. Other related factors include excessive population growth and urbanisation, thereby making air pollution, or smog, a huge problem in urban environments. Developing countries such as India and China, but increasingly also UK, US and European Countries have noticed rising air pollution levels - levels that far surpass the health threshold set by the WHO.


    Air pollution is linked to many health issues such as heart and respiratory diseases. This is why it is recommended to wear a n99 respirator mask to safeguard yourself and your family from polluted urban environments. Cambridge Mask Co. offers the best protection against smog and is therefore one of the best remedies for air pollution. The company, based in Cambridge (UK), Beijing (China) and Hong Kong, manufacture smog masks made from activated carbon cloth to protect you from the effects of air pollution. Cambridge Mask Co. provides a triple filtration system. The first two layers of smog mask china filter out dust particles such as PM10, finer particles such as PM2.5 and PM0.3, as well as nitrogen dioxide and ozone which are prevalent in all polluted air. The third layer was initially developed by the UK’s Ministry of Defence and protects the user from viruses and bacteria. Cambridge Mask Co.’s cycling pollution mask are reusable and last approximately 200 hours in highly polluted areas of China and India. They come in 5 sizes and 12 patterns to suit the whole family. For more information, please visit

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