Consumption of edible oil market changes

  • Consumption of edible oil market changes With economic development, people's living standards have been significantly improved, and gradually from eating well to eat well. Edible oil as cooking essential, in recent years, market development also with consumer demand have changed greatly, the healthy and diversified trend is obvious. Linseed oil popular healthy people A new force suddenly rises., favored market potential. Edible oil market changes A new force suddenly rises. linseed oil Large population, but also the consumption of edible oil. According to authoritative statistics, in 2013 the per capita consumption of edible oils reached 22.5 kg, has been close to the world average. More than the "national food security in the long term planning framework (2008-2020)" predicted that by 2020 the per capita consumption of edible oil consumption of 20 kg. The edible oil market situation concerned, 26 million tons of the scale of consumption, which soybean oil, peanut oil, blend oil, rapeseed oil accounted for dominance, is to buy mainstream of edible oil; camellia oil, olive oil is secondary to buy the product. In recent years, with the strengthening of people's health awareness, many consumers began to try the high-end edible oil, driven by high-end edible oil sales rise. Rich in unsaturated fatty acid of flax seed oil has become a group of high-end edible oil dark horse, the market is very active, leading specialty edible oil market. Due to the alpha linolenic acid food sources are scarce, with the unique dietary structure, forming the alpha linolenic acid intake status of serious shortage, everyone is scarce, which is caused by the imbalance of nutrition of the principal contradiction. Alpha linolenic acid of the broad market, the first is new 160 million patients with hypertension, 1.7 million dyslipidemia, 2.6 million overweight and obese population, 90 million diabetic patients, 110 million in patients with abnormal glucose metabolism, every year 20 million cancer patients, 18 million of newlywed couples, and more than 2100 million births; secondly is accounted for the total population of more than 70% of the other chronic diseases and sub-health population. Finally, it is healthy people. As people's awareness continues to increase, the alpha flax acid market has entered a stage of rapid development, known as the "deep sea fish oil" of the flax seed oil, it has entered a period of rapid development. In addition, the oil self-sufficiency rate of only 36.8%, a large number of imports, which also left a huge space for the development of flax seed oil. To improve the development level of flax seed. Flax seed oil market rapid development, it means that the market demand for flax seeds will form a peak. So at present, what is the status of flax seed? It is understood that the flax is one of the four major countries (Canada, Argentina, the United States), has more than 600 years of cultivation history. Flax seed edible can be traced back to 5000 years ago in the South West Region Meisuobudamiya, about 650 BC, ancient Greek medicine father -- Hippocrates recorded the medicinal use of flaxseed. In the Han Dynasty envoy Zhang Qian when Dawan flaxseed from the western regions in the northwest of Inner Mongolia, into Ningxia, it is also known as flax. Flaxseed is an annual herb of flax seed. This small red brown seeds with strong nutty flavor especially in baked food. Many European countries, in a lot of baking food bakers always use the grain, such as biscuits, cakes, bread and so on. Flax seed production in the province there are 7, respectively, Ningxia, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Heilongjiang and Yunnan. Planting area of more than hectares, annual production of flax seeds in about 450 thousand tons. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region average annual planting area of 130.3 million acres, yield of 6.5 million tons, accounting for the flax acreage and yield of 17.5% and 16.9%. Domestic flax seed has a long history, and the flax seed oil market also showed a striking explosive. Flax from the planting, processing, deep processing will become an important industry, will drive the people out of poverty. However, the level of processing of flax seeds is very low, the general initial processing value is not high, it is bound to cause a great impact on the flax seed processing industry. The development level of the processing of flax seeds abroad is very high, especially in the United States good, Canada and the European Mediterranean countries, including North Africa. If we do not pay close attention to the implementation of the process, we should not only lose the international market, but also lose the domestic market. Therefore, for food machinery enterprises, the development of flax seed processing equipment has a greater market potential, the future or will benefit a lot.