Spotify - The Latest Greatest Piece of Software

  • Spotify: What are you familiar with? You've probably heard of Spotify through word of mouth and/or on a forum. For those of you not yet in the know... It is a downloadable program you can run on your phone or computer that allows you to stream your favourite music. This is even legal! Well whats the catch i hear? It is impossible to keep the music playing and there are advertisements at specific times. They have to make there money somehow and it can be a little annoying when you are in the flow then an advert kicks in. monatliche hörer spotify

    It's a fantastic idea, however. You can search for any artist you wish and download it instantly. As long as you have a login password, you can also store your favorites. This can save you money and time if music is played in your house.

    Another feature I like is being able to search within a particular decade to access all tracks from that year. I.e. 80's would include bands such as Bon Jovi or Bryan Adams. I was surprised by the depth of search for each artist, as most of there albums are available to listen too. This is particularly useful for those who plan to buy an album. spotify monatliche hörer

    They seem to constantly update the app with new features, including recommended music and artists based upon your preferences. A minor problem is that the advert cannot be muted or turned down. It stops when the sound is resumed. Now connect your device to speakers and begin streaming Spotify music.