How much do you know about the marriage customs in Guangzhou? A

  • Guangdong Province has its own unique design style in terms of language customs, traditions, historical development and cultural construction, and is an important inheritance place

    What does it mean to have 過大禮

    Too big a gift is a big hire. It is one of the traditional wedding etiquette issues in Chinese culture and a social etiquette in the engagement process. The specific workflow management is that the man’s family chooses auspicious days, and the gifts are carried with gifts and sent to the women’s house through a variety of activities. This corporate ceremony is carried out 15 to 20 days before the wedding.

    What does it mean to have 過大禮

    Customs and etiquette

    1. All gifts, cakes, gifts, etc. must be in even numbers, meaning that they are in pairs. In addition, the most important main content design of the traditional Chinese ethnic marriage customs should be the bride price, that is, the "acquisition" in the "six rituals". On the one hand, it is a show of sincerity. On the other hand, it can be used as compensation for the woman's loss of some labor in the family life. The third is that the enterprise acts as alimony for the woman without parents. This is because the essential elements of the gift are different, so the number of students should not only increase the auspiciousness, but also not be shabby. Of course, they must do what they can.

    The "three books" must not be forgotten, and must be taken away. These three books are indispensable. Engagement Letter: A letter from the man’s family to the woman’s family at the time of engagement, used to enter into the marriage contract. A letter from a woman’s family detailing the items and quantity of the gift. On the wedding day, the man’s family gave the woman a book card.

    3. The man's family will send the bride price to the woman's house in accordance with the conditions agreed in the policy. On that day, the man's family will invite two or four Chinese women through their relatives to join the matchmaker to bring the bride price, gift money and a large number of corporate gifts to the woman's own home. Certain issues must be handled by female parents and agents. In addition to presenting the wedding gift, the man will also choose two or three auspicious days first, and ask the wife to decide the date of the wedding on the day of the gift. After the man’s betrothal gift is delivered, the man’s female guest will open a gift box to design and select a few gold ornaments for the bride to wear, while saying auspicious words. After that, we all congratulate each other and congratulate each other. Finish.

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