Know About Leading Currencies In Choices Stories You Play

  • Youth confine to various mobile games, and the Choices: stories you play is one of them. Yhe game is all about simulator, and it is created by pixelberry for both iOS and Android mobiles. In which you will meet with lots of online players, and the game allows us to customize our characters. The store is full of many new outfits, shoes, fashions accessories, and more and more.


    You have to know at least some basic tricks about game that can make you progress faster in the game or you simply can get stuck on any small task. There are some stories also which cost you more money but have less enjoyment. You have to be aware from them, don't go for any story directly but if you still want to get it, then, get some advice cheats from other players or try choices cheatsclub where you can get that kind of cheats.


    There are lots of different stories, and the players have to go with them for leveling up. Anyone can easily play it with a stable internet connection and create open login account with Facebook to get more free rewards.


    Types of currencies in choices

    The currency is a significant part of the game, and you can't survive with a limited amount. first of all, we need to know to know the types of currency. The gamplay comes with two special currencies like diamonds and keys. Both are helpful for us, and they are giving us more chances to grow in the game. In this guide, we are trying to introduce each uyse of currency.



    Diamonds are the prime currency for us, and it can be achieved by completing several tasks in the stories. The currency for unlocking more new characters and purchase new things for upgrading many characters. high amounts of diamonds are opening new chances to win the game.



    The keys are another essential currency, and it is investing for new stories and chapters. You can get some amount of key by diamonds. Manage a sufficient amount of keys for going forward in the stories. The players have to use currency smartly and try to save amount for the upcoming task. we need to skip some useless things to buy with the currency.