led light source module how to assemble

  • led light source module is how to make led lights,?

    wooden stirrer

    1, the number of light source module budget selection of equal interval layout, simulation on the electronic computer simulation of light source module all over, the basic budget required light source module number. Module interval visibility chromaticity must be in the middle of 3-150px, the word thickness can be selected in the middle of 5-325px.

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    2, measuring the power supply rated power, design scheme power distribution equipment plan scheme budget the number of LED light source modules × the output power of individual light source modules = power consumption total output power. Propose switching power supply option to leave the capacity, according to the maximum power 80% of the application.

    3, installation of LED light source module: clean up the installation surface; with two sticky labels glued to the bottom of the module; proportional arrangement, connected to the joint line; installed word slot control panel and measure the actual effect; finally made products.

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