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BlackBerry Bold 9780

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Average vote: 3.84

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With the arrival of the BlackBerry Bold 9780, fans of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 will no doubt be jumping at the chance to see how good RIM's latest flagship phone is.

While there are a few physical changes to note from its predecessor, the big news is the addition of the BlackBerry 6 operating system.

We've got the Social Feeds view, a new WebKit-based internet browser, Universal Search, a richer media experience and lots more besides.

The camera has been bumped up to five megapixels from the 9700's three, while the chrome edging has been toned back to black or white and the faux leather has also been dialed down.


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Support Staff 2013-12-18 01:26:10
this is testing...

Winston Burton 2012-01-19 19:25:06
The screen is too small otherwise it is a great phone

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